Game made in 2 days for the GMTK GameJam 2020.

Keyfence is a top-down shooter, in which your only goal is to secure your buttons. But they are resembled as objects in the game, and your enemies really like them.

Once a button is destroy, the only way to get his, and his function back is by sacrafising the middle one, which explodes, but builds up all other broken ones. 20 secounds after the explotion, the button middle button is useable again.

If all buttons are "dead" you lose.

If you lose the controle over the charakters movement more and more, the knockback of your weapon will be helpful to  move.

The visuals in the Web version are a little bit ruined, espacially the light. For the best visuals, we recommend downloading the windows build.

Install instructions

1. Download zip file

2.  Extract all files

3. Open  "Game Jam Tower defense"

4. Have fun!


Download 30 MB


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A really interesting concept and take on the theme, i kinda just wish that the camera was more zoomed in as hitting the enemy can be hard. Good Job!